COMME UN GARÇON/FILLE is a company that was created by Julia B. Laperrière and Sébastien Provencher. Their work is rooted in a joyful complicity, that the company shares with the public in well-thought, relevant and generous pieces. The work focuses on movement and on the body, although the two artists don’t hesitate to cross boundaries; they enthusiastically play with elements of theatre, media and visual arts to create art that confronts, questions and touches. Provencher and Laperrière reject male domination and gender stereotypes, proposing new ways to rethink the male/female presence on stage. COMME UN GARÇON/FILLE is a company who’s work addresses social and political issues, with an emphasis on the thematic of identity, a subject very close to the artists heart. In their last pieces, they have focused on issues such as gender, sexual orientation, feminism and religious culture.


–> One Day my Prince will Come (2015)

–> Children of Chemistry (2015)

–> unCOVERED woMAN (2016)

–> (work in progress)


Julia B. Laperrière is an emerging choreographer based between Montreal and Berlin. An honour’s graduate of the Dance BA at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), she has since her graduation presented her work locally (Tangente, Quartiers Danses, Zone Homa, OFFTA, Fringe) and internationally (Canada, France, Mexico and Germany). Julia also collaborates as a performer with artists such as Manon Oligny, Alfredo Zinola and Michael Müller, enthusiastically blurring boundaries between dance, theatre, performance, media and visual arts. Julia creates striking images of visual poetry, that she then embodies with generosity, aiming to confront, question and touch her audience.


Sébastien Provencher completed his degree in contemporary dance at the University du Québec à Montréal, receiving the William Douglas grant during that time. He has since danced for choreographers such as Emmanuel Jouthe, Sasha Kleinplatz, Manon Oligny, George Stamos and Helen Simard. Sébastien also has a strong interest for creation. His work has been presented at Quartiers Danses and Vue sur la Relève in Montreal, at Dance Matters in Toronto and at Festival Auteurs de Troubles in France. His most recent creation, Children of Chemistry, a piece for five male dancers presented at Quartiers Danses has recently won the prize “Coup de Coeur” from the public. Using a multidisciplinary approach in his creations, Sébastien is interested in the notion of presence and authenticity of the dancer in the context of performance.