«The piece is political visually, arresting, and innovative in its created tensions.» – EviDanceRadio


LENGH : 20 minutes (adaptations of 6/12/25/40 minutes also possible)


«Julia B. Laperrière gladly blurs the lines between disciplines to create an art that confronts, questions and moves. UnCOVERED woMAN speaks of women, religion and resistance. With a delicate yet provoking stage direction, she delivers an instant of extreme beauty and reflection.» – Festival Quartiers Danses

A bag around the neck is like a chain or a leash; put that bag on your head it becomes a burka; put yourself in the bag and you become for sale. How can merchandising of the woman’s body, opposed to its shameful covering, resonate to one another, and what are the questions that arise from this resonance ?

The main trigger for this piece was  the article Burka ist der neue punk, encountered in the german fashion magazine Blonde, which lead to this questionning : how can fashion, female objectification, burka and punk collide? And in a dance piece ? From the collision of these very controversial issues, I think the most interesting questions can emerge, and these questions are what I wish to engage the audience with. By its strong embodied images, by opposing beauty to violence, by opposing violence to inaction, UnCOVERED woMAN is a  »punch in the face » piece of visual poetry.

TRAILER : http://tanzforumberlin.de/trailer899.php

*This piece was supported by the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Déléguation Générale du Québec en Allemagne.*

photo credits :  Nuphar Blechner



Febuary 19-20: Toronto (Dance Matters)

March 12-13 : Berlin (Ada Studio, Uferstudios)

June 10-12 : Leipzig (Festival P-Bodies)

September 12 : Montreal (5e Salle, Place-des-Arts, Festival Quartiers Danses)